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Our story


The beginning of this century, how people market their products and services has profoundly changed. Old ways of marketing like radio, television and other mean are fast changing. At such time of massive technological revolution, any business who want to enjoy wider exposure must have;

  • A unique brand that sets you apart from others
  • Online presence and websites
  • Creative social media marketing

Brandkii is solely a response to this pressing demand. The company has been founded by Kaire Ibrahim in 2017 with the vision to offer services that help business build unique brands and understand better ways of marketing through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Where do we drive our name and brand colors from?

The name BRANDKII is drived from (Brandk+Key. the word key is changed to Kii) resulting in our brand name: BRANDKII. We chose purple as our brand color, as purple is said to a symbol of creativity

giay nam depgiay luoi namgiay nam cong sogiay cao got nugiay the thao nu
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